HighTime | Hansel and Gretel | Humperdinck

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Hansel and Gretel | Humperdinck

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Creative Team

Felicity Green | director
Benjamin Hamilton | conductor

Richard Evans | designer
Elliot Griggs | lighting designer
Liam Lewis | choreographer
John Aldis | associate translator


Alexa Mason | gretel
Sian Cameron | hansel
Wendy Dawn Thompson | mother
Jon Stainsby | father
Charlotte Ireland | sandman
Caroline Kennedy | dew fairy
Oliver Marshall | ringmaster
Joey Parsad, Liam Lewis, Miriam O'Brien | clowns


Hansel and Gretel was staged in association with the Belgrade Theatre in May 2015.


Frightened and alone, Hansel and Gretel are forced onto the mean city streets to scavenge for food. The pair are lost and in need when the music of the circus travels through the air, shortly followed by its enigmatic ringmaster and his wagon of treats and tricks. Little do they know, his magical hot dog cart holds secrets few could dare to imagine.

As Hansel and Gretel are lured in by the sights, sounds and smells of the fabulous fair, they soon discover all is not what it seems. How can they escape the clutches of this sinister underworld? In this brand new English translation of Humperdinck’s masterpiece, HighTime renovated the traditional tale for the twenty-first century, Dazzling magicians, tumbling acrobats and a gaggle of clowns bring the magic of opera to life for an unforgettable experience for the whole family.